Salty Holmes

   ​Jean Chapel aka Mattie O'Neil

Lana in her studio

          ​Mattie, Lana, & Salty                                  

               ​Mattie & Salty

​Lana on Monument Records.

Bio:   Lana Chapel
Daughter of famous Grand Ole Opry duo Mattie O'Neil & Salty Holmes; (Mattie changed her name to Jean Chapel in the mid 1950's when she went into Rock & Roll and signed with SUN RECORDS and then with RCA VICTOR RECORDS--becoming the first and only authenticated and promoted "Female Elvis Presley" by RCA Victor. Jean's husband Salty was a founder of the first famous Western Swing band, The Prairie Ramblers, who gave rise to Country Western yodeling star Patsy Montana...He was also famous as The King of the Talking Harmonica.

Both parents were award winning hit songwriters. Some of Jean's hit songs are:

"To Get to You"....recorded by Jerry Wallace, and Engelbert Humperdinck

"Lay Some Happiness On Me"....done by Dean Martin, and Eddy Arnold

"Lonely Again" Dean Martin, and Eddy Arnold

"Triangle" Carl Smith

"Going Through the Motions of Living" Sonny James

Her father's most famous songs were: "Mama Blues", "The Ghost Song", and many songs recorded by his group The Prairie Ramblers.

Her aunt Martha Carson, First Lady of Country Gospel Music/Grand Ole Opry star wrote Gospel hit "Satisfied"---and her uncle Don Chapel, was also an award winning hit songwriter who wrote "When the Grass Grows Over Me", recorded by George Jones.

Lana spent much of her childhood back stage at the Opry! She became a professional singer/songwriter at the age of 3, by writing her first song on stage and on the spot! At age 11 her songs were published by major Nashville publishers: Owen Bradley of Decca Records and also by Tree Music, Buddy Killen, president. She had songs published by 4 Star Music at age 14, and was signed as a salaried songwriter and recording artist at age 16 with Vintage Music Pub., and Monument Records. She was the youngest songwriter to sign a lifetime contract with Broadcast Music, Inc., at that time.

Lana had records released on Monument, and went on to have records released by Dot Records and Mega Records throughout her teens and early 20's. Lana was produced and managed by Bob Tubert, Fred Foster, Bergen White, Dennis Linde, and Kris Kristofferson.

As a child Lana performed with her parents on the Grand Ole Opry and with many Opry Stars. As an adult she worked with her mother, Jean, and her aunt Martha Carson, Tammy Wynette, Kris Kristofferson, Ray Stevens, Floyd Cramer, Boots Randolf, David Allen Coe, Ronnie Prophet, and appeared in Canadian film "That's Country" with host Lorne Greene. (She was also the first Nashville artist to appear on Nashville TV in a Mini Dress, which caused a small uproar!) 

She was a signed songwriter with publishers: Vintage Music, Combine Music, 4 Star Music, Frank & Nancy Music, First Lady Music, Richey Music Group, and MetroCountry Music, and freelanced with several other major music publishers including Glaser Music, Grand Haven Entertainment, Mary Reeves and Ray Pennington. She now freelances plus has songs published by Donna Chapel Music, and writes in nearly all genres.

Some of her songs were recorded by:
Eddy Arnold --"Sweet Marilyn"
Henson Cargill--"Plastic People" and "The Hemphill Kentucky Consolidated Coal Mines"
Tompall Glaser--"On Second Thought"
Lee Hazelwood--"It's For My Dad"
Lester Flatt--"Kentucky Ridgerunner"
Nancy Sinatra--"It's For My Dad"

Lana is also a scriptwriter, poet, ventriloquist, painter/illustrator, mini sculptor, jewelry designer, narrator, performer, producer, and musician who plays guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo, percussions, harmonica, and Native American flute. She made her debut as a children's book author with Taylor and Seale Publisher, LLC, and as a children's songwriter in the summer of 2015.

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